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Top 5 Miyajima Experiences

Read on to see my top 5 favorite activities on Miyajima Island… Exploring Japan has been quite an adventure! One of my favorite places to visit is Miyajima Island. Here you can see over 1,200 Sika deer roam freely about the island. I spent a day enjoying temples, nature, food and so much more! Of Read More


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! As I have returned from Europe I am taking the opportunity to collect my thoughts and truly reflect on my experiences. I sat back and realize I have a lot to be thankful for! My family, friends, health, and the new bonds I have forged abroad. This post is dedicated to my Read More

Dairy Farming in Clonakilty Ireland

Hey guys, sorry for taking so long to post about my first travel experience! I have been super busy and reception is not always so great. I am currently in France so my posts will not always be in accordance to where I am, but rather when I have time to write and go through Read More

A Guide to How I Traveled to 5 Countries in Europe for less than $450 Round trip

If there’s one thing I am unfortunately good at, it’s spending money I don’t have. This usually comes in the form of overspending on clothes, happy hours, and Starbucks. This year, I resolved to be more mindful of my spending habits with one goal in mind: World Travel. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still Read More

Getting Over the Initial Fear

Originally, I had written this post with the intention of explaining the processes I used to book my budget flights. I realized that I was lacking the most important element of my travel experience; getting over my initial fear of the unknown. I’m not afraid to admit that I am Scared As Hell. Even as Read More

When by the Sea

Every year I try to visit my mother in Florida. Every year I always end up doing the same things, eating the same things, going the same places and seeing the same people. I just wanted to enjoy the beach landscapes and get peace of mind; something in short supply in the busy city. Due Read More