Month: September 2018

Dairy Farming in Clonakilty Ireland

Hey guys, sorry for taking so long to post about my first travel experience! I have been super busy and reception is not always so great. I am currently in France so my posts will not always be in accordance to where I am, but rather when I have time to write and go through Read More

A Guide to How I Traveled to 5 Countries in Europe for less than $450 Round trip

If there’s one thing I am unfortunately good at, it’s spending money I don’t have. This usually comes in the form of overspending on clothes, happy hours, and Starbucks. This year, I resolved to be more mindful of my spending habits with one goal in mind: World Travel. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still Read More

Getting Over the Initial Fear

Originally, I had written this post with the intention of explaining the processes I used to book my budget flights. I realized that I was lacking the most important element of my travel experience; getting over my initial fear of the unknown. I’m not afraid to admit that I am Scared As Hell. Even as Read More